It's so crazy - I have mixed feelings about my race! I am extremely happy with my swim and bike performance today. However, I've already expected due the efforts in these two disciplines, in running I could no longer keep up with the winner. But I am quite happy that I still run into top 20 and have presented me so well. I have demonstrated, that you have to keep small Luxembourg on the short list. It was a great honor to appear before the Grand Duke for me. He was very excited about my race, for me it was a special moment.

Disappointment at the Triathlon World Cup in Chengdu (China). After excellent swimming performance (22 out of the water with only 24" behind the best swimmers van Riel and Knabl). A large group of athletes took on the bike course and around 60 triathletes started the 10km run. However, the high temperatures (35 degrees) were taking their tribute and Bob was not able to prove its running strength. After just 500 meters all energy vanished and Bob struggled with heavy legs towards the goal. 35'20 "meant rank 56 among 76 athletes.

First start in a World Series race: WTS in Cape Town (RSA). 65 athletes ready to start, including 8 of the top 10 in the World Ranking. Due to the low water temperature of just 12°C, swimming distance was cut to 750m. Bob came out of the water 57th, with a 32" gap on Javier Gomez. After 3 of 8 rounds into the bikeride (40km), Bob's group (20 athletes) caught up with the lead group, and so app. 60 athletes took on the final 10 km running distance. Here Bob put its improved endurance to the test, and finished 32th, in 32'56", with 2'58" behind the winner Alistair Brownlee. For this strong performance, Bob was rewarded with 80.29 ITU , WTS and RIO points.