After 2012, I celebrated my second national championship victory in the Elite race. Swimming was not optimal, so I left the water after 1500 m with 40 " gap on Joe Miller, Neil Peters and Stefan Zacchaeus (D). In perfect cooperation with the Belgian Erwin Vanderplancke we could catch the the leaders after just 2 of 4 laps. After a quick transition, I could distance Zacchaeus and Peters immediately. In the last lap at the last steep climb, I attacked. I reached the finish line with a comfortable gap over Vanderplancke in the pouring rain, extremely satisfied with my second national championship victory.

Compared to last year, in 2015 I could not qualify for the final in of the 30 best triathletes. After a good swim performance, I unfortunately missed the first bike group by a few seconds. On the bike I worked hard, but could not close the gap and while running, I could (with heavy legs) not fully call on my runnig strength and finished 55th among 116 athletes.

With a big disappointment, I had to start home. After an excellent swimming performance ( only 24 " behind the best swimmer Richard Varga ), I was in the second bike group. I to close the 20 to 30 seconds gap to the leading pack, but this was unfortunately not the case. At temperatures above 35 degrees the gap to the leading group quickly grew to more than a minute, Due to the heat, I had trouble to stay in my bike group. with a gap of 2'30 ", we reached the transition area. Due to the heat, I ahve used up all my water after 3 (of 6) laps already. I paid my dues on the running track. Just afer 1500m I felt sick and dizzy, and had to quit the race with a heat stroke.