Become a sponsor and secure your logo's prominent spot on my website, car, sports wear and race clothing. If you are interested in supporting me on my journey to become one of the worlds top triathlets, I suggest we meet. I will hand you over my current pressbook, containg all local print media coverage, and to present you my plan of the future.

You can become a member of the Team 50, by supporting the current season with just 50 Euro.

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BCEE LU65 0019 2255 7986 5000

Spuerkeess - Banque et Caisse d'Epargne de l'Etat

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If you want to become a sponsor, please get in contact with us.
If you want to become a donateur, please get in contact with us.
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During the whole year, you'll get a regular Newsletter, showing you my plans, results and more. At the end of the season you will get invited with many other supporters, Sponsors and others to celebrate our results.
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