Excellent 6th place
Competing the German and foreign top stars, I was finally able again to demonstrate my running skills. After a good swim and a rather controlled ride on the bike, I went on the 5 km run course with 7 other athletes. I felt really good going the high speed with all those world class athletes, i.e. Richard Murray ( RSA ) , Gregor Bucholz ( D ) , Sven Riederer ( CH ) , Steffen Justus ( D ) and Alexander Bryukhankov. In the end, I managed to come in on an unexpected 6th place, thanks to a personal best over 5 km ( 15'10 " ) . All in all, 100 triathletes started.

17th place
Little disappointment after the strong performance in Baku. After an excellent swim ( 5th out of the Black Sea ), I could not rely on my usual bike power and missed a good position for the third disciplin, running. As 25th I went on the 5 km run, being able to gain 8 ranks, but I lacked the strength to finally keep up with the fastest of this race in Burgas.