Today, Bob missed victory just barely in Troutbeck. With a gap of 7 seconds the young Luxembourg Triathlet comes in 2nd after the 2012 Junior World Champion, Wian Süllwald, in the Africa Cup Triathlon of Zimbabwe.

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"Postlaf" - Luxemburgs biggest 10 km run with over 3.000 participants

"Postlaf" - Luxembourgs biggest 10 km run with over 3.000 participants
Bob with strong tactical performance today, coming in 2nd place after Ethiopian Yonas Kinde. On the last 500m he outpaced his 2 remaining opponents Arnaud Robin (B) und Christophe Kass.

Bob zeigt eine taktisch starke Leistung und belegt hinter dem Äthiopier Yonas Kinde den 2. Rang. Auf den letzten 500 Metern kann er seine beiden Begleiter Arnaud Robin (B) und Christophe Kass entscheidend distanzieren