31.12.2016. I tested my form at the New Year Eve race, in one of the highest qualified runners field of Germany.

Very satisfied with my performance after the 8km, eventhough I had to decrease the speed on the last 2 km. After 24'47" I made it to the 22nd place in the "Sao Paulo" race, or "Lauf der Asse", as they call it.

Belle Etoile Fackel Laf

4. November 2016:  Belle Etoile Fackel Lauf 5 Km

After just 2 weeks of Training, I participated in one of my partner's "Freelanders" sponsored Night run Belle Etoille "Fackel Laf" over 5k.
It went surprisingly very well, because I could cross the finish line as third behind the foreign participants Jonas Kinde (Eth) and Omar Bekkali (Mar).

Edmonton and Cozumel

A deceiving season end at the WTS in Edmonton (4.9.) and t the U23 Worlds in Cozumel.
In Canada I suffered from cold outside conditions after my preparation in Florida and had to give up the race.
In Mexico it was the the heat and the high humidity, which made a good run impossible.